Guaranteed Reliability.

100% Gateway up-time. Or your money back.


You want your SMS text messages delivered on time. So we guarantee 100% Gateway up-time. Here’s how.

Dynamic telco routing to shrink delivery time. Multiple redundant gateway servers in separate data centers. Automatic fail-over connections. Message queue monitoring with instant intervention by tech staff to prevent message backlog. Continuous network monitoring for latency and reliability. It’s fail safe.

We deliver.

 100% Up-time Guarantee

Money back guarantee

No missed opportunities. No lost business. No headache. Our Gateways stay open for your business, 24/7/365. We’ve made major investments into rock solid infrastructure and systems. Driven ourselves with a relentless attention to detail. Hired the very best experts in the business, working day and night for you. It’s the only way to guarantee 100% Gateway uptime. And if we ever fail? You get your money back. 100%. Guaranteed.


High Performance. 

Built for speed

We deliver as promised. Our Gateway is always up 100%.  Our SMS text message delivery times are the fastest possible. Multiple redundancy means no nasty surprises.

Our Cloud Infrastructure and dynamic routing ensure your messages are delivered as fast as possible – without compromising security or reliability in the process. Whether you’ve got a single message or a large batch of messages to send, we’ll get the message through fast. And that’s a promise.



Locked and guarded

Your security means everything to us. We don’t take chances. Or cut corners. Authenticate, validate and protect, that’s our approach. Every time. We use banking level encryption and VPNs to keep your information safe. Best practice business processes are followed, to the letter. Privacy and security of your data is assured. We’re always locked down.

 Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

Freedom with security

The cloud delivers you independence, back up and surety. We host state-of-the-art server infrastructure in several tier one data centers to ensure complete redundancy. Worried about an outage? Don’t be. Auto failover switches your SMS text message delivery seamlessly across servers and data centers. Float free in the cloud. Always connected, always safe.

Well connected.

Robust networks and coverage.



Redundancy is beautiful

Our competitors don’t think about you like we do. They like to live dangerously. Expose themselves and you to single points of failure in multiple places. Our default position is the polar opposite. Everything is multi-redundant. We’ve multiple links to the internet. Extra connections to telcos and aggregators. We even have backup firewalls to create additional layers of security. Redundancy. It’s a thing of beauty.

Carrier Connections 

Straight forward, straight away

We’re plugged right into the US telco networks. It’s the shortest possible route for your SMS text messages. No hops, skips or jumps. It’s the only way to send mission critical messaging when you can’t afford any delay. You get delivery receipts in real time. You know for sure they got the message. The same can’t be said for many of our competitors.

What if price is your main driver? Then use our Economy Service. We’ll route you through an approved, high performance aggregator. Your SMS text message will be delivered. Our choice of aggregator ensures it isn’t a bumpy ride. Unlike us, cheap aggregators take the ultra-budget option. Like a cut-price plane ticket to Europe, your SMS text message will detour well off the shortest path. It takes much longer to arrive. Hours later with the lowest price providers. You don’t get a delivery receipt either. Every choice has a price. Which price you pay is your choice.

Carrier Connections
networks coverage

Network Coverage 

No favorites, no losers

Customers and staff are spread across all cell networks. Yet mission critical and time-dependent SMS text messaging demand instant action. So you need network equality. You can’t afford to send SMS text messages fast via one telco network and be slow across the others. You’ll disadvantage customers and staff who depend on you for an equal opportunity. You diminish your own productivity. You’re late with critical alerts. That can’t happen. It won’t with us. We’ve put every receiver on a level playing field.

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Multi Factor Security

Multi-Factor Security

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Service Notifications

Service Notifications

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Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alerts

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