Their customer service is seamless and we have nothing but good comments to say about Message Media.
Shae Hinson, Chief Operating Officer, NRG
Our patients are much happier with SMS communication!
Britanny Keller, Marrick Medical
I find myself sending more stock updates to customers. Down sides? Don't think we've seen any!
Esther Price, Operations Coordinator, Eckersley's
Fast, reliable and cost-effective SMS messaging services.
IS Infrastructure Manager, Sucrogen
The service was easy to set up and use, and now we know our messages are getting through at the right time.
Matt Long, CTO, Social Coil
I would be happy to suggest MessageMedia to anyone.
David Williams, Special Promotions Manager, Advanced Design Technology Systems
an effective and dependable service that fits our small budget.
Eric Ditlevsen, CEO,
MessageMedia saved hours and decreased "no shows" by as much as 25%. Financially, we are truly thankful!
Steve Green, Voice Communication Manager, Children's Hospital of Westmead
54% of our rostered database use English as a second language. SMS is the optimal way of communicating with them.
Janeen Dyson, Staffing Services Manager, Spotless
Simple to implement and had all the features we needed. Great support - got us up and running in no time.
Jeff Mylrea, Chief Information Officer, Skelton Sherborne
The development process was quick and efficient.
Chris Maffey, Maffey Ltd
With MessageMedia our clients can act fast and respond within minutes.
Dimitri Horaites, Product Manager, iHOUSEWeb
Quicksend updates our clients from Tokyo to Toronto and all the points in between in a New York minute.
Boris, BKTrader
Both the message delivery and customer service have been completely flawless.
Stuart Rees, Online Marketing, Express Mobile
100% reliability means SMS is our preferred customer contact platform.
Chris Bayley, Domain Partners
It is a wonderful way to provide great customer service.
Dispatcher, Apple Transportation
We're very pleased. I wish we found MessageMedia ealier.
Adam Isrow, GoConcierge
By far the easiest to setup and use. Our clients love the service.
Jack Crooks, Black Swan Capital
MessageMedia has never failed to meet our expectations.
Manager, Cash Doctors
MessageMedia provided us a quick and cost effective solution in communicating with our off-site interpreters.
Team Leader, Mitch Jamieson, Language Select
Helped reduce our postage costs by eliminating the amount of postcards we send.
Susanna Nunn, State Farm Insurance
We use MessageMedia because they save us time and money.
Brian Lunn, Transpacific Industries
Employees accept or decline their shifts, which updates RosterLive in real time.
Jayne Leath, Chief Information Officer
People appreciate the message, rather than a call.It doesn’t interrupt what they're doing.
Jamie Beasley, Midas
We confidently recommend MessageMedia to other businesses.
Margaret Alderton, Client Relationship Manager, Advanced Retail Management Systems
SMS increased my productivity and the customers feel valued.
Ed Reiter, Kimberly Car City
We've found MessageMedia to be a fantastic service!
Rhonda Wilson, YMCA
We looked at a number of API suppliers, but MessageMedia was the 1st to meet all our requirements.
Nick Adams, Com2 Communications
MessageMedia’s system is fantastic, and very easy to use!
Simon Arkell, Owner, Nutrishop

Enterprise ready SMS messaging.

Trusted by some of the leading US enterprise organizations.

Guaranteed Reliability

The cost of loss is high. Failure is not an option. Risks must be managed. We do more than just promise reliability. We deliver. For over 15,300 customers and 145,500 users. In almost every conceivable industry. Our exclusive 100% Gateway uptime guarantee secures your outcome. You can trust our service and reliability because we put our money where our mouth is. If we ever let you down, you get your money back. Now that’s confidence.

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Expert Advice

Yes, we deliver SMS text messages. But our real expertise is solving business problems and creating success for our customers. Lowering costs. Raising productivity. Increasing sales. Saving time. Risk management. Gathering feedback. Driving customer loyalty. Improving customer satisfaction. By choosing MessageMedia, you automatically get the benefit of our significant experience every step of the way. Business case development and review. Analysis and advice to suit your specific business needs. Tailored solutions for your industry. Once you’ve worked with our highly skilled team, you’ll discover SMS text messaging expertise is anything but a commodity.

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24/7 Support

Global means always on. You expect the same from your providers. We’re a global company on a local level. The perfect balance. We answer the phone in well under 15 seconds. Day or night. In our office. Not an outsourced call center in some far away country. You get expert assistance. Responsive service. Immediate action. Follow-up and follow-through. Quick resolution. Whenever and wherever you need it. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Enterprising Ideas.

Lower costs, raise productivity and manage risk.

Sales & Service

and Service

Spend more time selling, and less time playing phone tag. Use SMS text to improve customer satisfaction with pick up alerts, and drive targeted sales opportunities to your door with time sensitive offers.

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and Promotions

It’s time to get the word out. With over 90% of SMS text messages are opened and read within 30 seconds, there’s no better way to promote your business and increase sales.

Learn more »

Billing & Payments

and Payments

Get ahead of the payment cycle. Invoice notifications and reminders improve cash flow and reduce bad debt. Lower your costs with SMS text.

Learn more »

Staff & Rostering

and Rostering

Organize your staff roster simply and easily. Use automated business SMS text messaging to manage staff rostering communications. Fill every shift quickly and easily without spending hours on the phone.

Learn more »

Appointment Reminders


When time is money. Fill your diary with profits. Send automated SMS text reminders and get replies to make sure your always fully booked. Your customers will love it.

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Banking& Security

and Security

Protect important customer information and data against theft and malicious damage using SMS text message secret tokens.

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Up and running

Avoid IT headaches and reduce your TCO.


Instantly available right across the Enterprise. Web-based and ready for business. Avoid firewall changes and desktop installation with our easy to use Web to SMS text service right inside your browser. Power and control. Let authorized members of your team send a few quick messages or schedule broadcasts. Get detailed reporting across your account. Know exactly who sent what when. Reduce friction with secure data uploads from your ERP or CRM system. Add and manage users and credit limits. Start getting results immediately.

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Developers API

Developer APIs

Take full advantage of your scale. Automate line of business applications and start cutting costs quickly with comprehensive developer APIs. CRM, ERP, website or Intranet. Full support for popular programming languages, including .Net, PHP and Java. Secure communication channels to protect data privacy, including HTTPS and Secure FTP. Get replies pushed back to your website. Integrate with carrier-grade messaging using SMPP. Rock solid security, performance and reliability.

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Email SMS

No need to call IT. Your email platform is already SMS text enabled. Send messages and get direct replies from mobiles right into your email Inbox. Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and more. Desktops, Notebooks, Tablets and Smartphones. Now any application or device that can send an email is automatically SMS text enabled, too. Even your ERP, CRM or Accounting system. And consolidated delivery and usage reports are available right in your web browser whenever you need them. It couldn’t be any easier.

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Email SMS

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