Profit from our success. 

Become a partner, reseller or wholesaler.

Add value for your customers. Differentiate your products in your market. A range of partner options allows you to harness text messaging your way.


Your perfect silent partner. 

Add profits to your software as an SMS messaging reseller.

Your software has a sizable user base. Integrating seamlessly into our SMS text messaging API makes perfect sense. Given your scale and resources you’re able to directly offer your clients integrated message capability, right from your software. You handle all customer support and billing. In return we give you technical support and a single monthly invoice with itemised user records. Since you price the service you take a major slice of the action. Silence really is golden.

Co-branding is smart collaboration 

Partner with us for instant success.

You’d love to integrate text messaging into your software. But don’t have the resources or want the hassle of dealing with customer support and billing. That’s what we’re here for. You run the API integration and let us do the rest. We co-brand the offering. Don’t worry about the sales process, we’ll manage that. And great customer support with simple, direct billing. Your reward is a chunk of every sign up fee and a percentage on every message. Let’s scratch each other’s back. That’s what partners are for.


Bulk up, run fast. 

Wholesale volumes welcome here.

We do volume.  We’re fast as can be. Ultra reliable. 100% on Gateway uptime. You get the lot, for a wholesale lot less.

We’re competitive on price. Generate economies of scale we pass on. You want your messages to arrive in a time window. Done. You need to minimize the non-deliverables. Sorted. You need real time access to reporting to track performance. Of course.

We route through the very best of aggregators. You get the shortest path at the best price. Delivery receipts if you need them. Automatically threaded messages, so you don’t have to sort them.

We load balance on the fly. Run redundant connections and servers with auto-rollover. Expert 24/7 support. A dedicated account manager. It’s wholesale in name, it’s high-touch in service. There’s no contract. No prepaid credits. We’ll refund your last month if there’s ever an outage. The first 30 days come with a money back guarantee.

Small wonder bulk customers come to us all the time. Cut-price providers are too skinny to do any real heavy lifting.

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