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People rely on your software application to drive their business. You can make them even more productive with text enablement. It’ll add functionality that cuts their costs and grow revenue. And makes you look great.

Maybe they’re looking for appointment reminders. Or staff rostering. Staff and customer communications. Billing and payment reminders. Pick up and delivery notifications. A new marketing channel for events, promotions or competitions. Emergency alerts. One-time passwords. Whatever the communication need, whatever the application, we can help you make a perfect fit.

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Developer APIs

We speak your language. Choose your preferred API, be it SOAP, FTP, PHP, .NET, Java or SMPP. Each one supported with SDKs, sample code, reusable libraries, extensive documentation and expert technical assistance. Set up fast, secure FTP or SMPP in a flash. Don’t see your language or environment? No problem. Call us, we’ll get applications talking. Become rich, smart and powerful overnight. Our APIs work a treat. Give you access to feature rich menus. They’re smart too. Easy to implement, easy to use. Integrate right through your software. Plug in CRM, ERP, HR and a whole range of software applications. We’ve hooked up an array of software apps. We already know the insides of these programs. Our SOAP API embeds our SMS text Manager. Instantly access a whole suite of detailed, live reports.

What integration were you after?

Here’s what we can do.

  • Communicate via XML using SOAP over HTTP/S
  • Use both mobile terminated (MT) and mobile originated (MO)
  • Receive multiple MO messages per transaction
  • Send SMS text messages as voice to cell phones and landlines
  • Multiple mixed message formats per transaction
  • Delivery receipts and status from carrier
  • Generate client proxies
  • XML validation
  • Check and confirm Users, Replies and Reports
  • Delete unsent scheduled messages
  • Block and unblock numbers
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Secure FTP

Safety fast

We offer an enterprise-class secure FTP with SSH to protect your information assets. Secure system administration, file transfer and application connectivity in your enterprise network. Handle configuration management, host key management, policy enforcement, monitoring, auditing and reporting. Shelter any FTP file transfer and data-in transit from prying eyes. Never modify existing infrastructure, scripts or applications. All integrated. All easy. The fast way to safety.



Carrier grade, all the way

We offer SMPP. The most commonly used protocol for short message exchange outside SS7 networks. You get end-to-end delivery at carrier standard. Now you’ve got support for non-GSM protocols like UMTS, CDMA2000, ANSI 136 and iDEN. That’s good, but we do better. SMPP is binary unencrypted, so we wrap it in a VPN tunnel for extra security. Send it First Class.

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