Supporting the community

Make a positive difference in everything you touch.


Lend a hand, it’s the right thing to do. That’s our attitude to work and to the community. We’ve embraced giving back to those in need. Our monthly lunch funds a charity. Staff offer donations at Christmas.

This philosophy is good for business too. Helps us attract high quality talent. We seek out driven and compassionate individuals. Smart, caring, well-rounded people attracted by responsible corporate philanthropy.

We respect and foster enterprise and imagination. We’ve partnered with Kiva. They facilitate funding of entrepreneurs in the developing world. It helps lift people out of poverty. What goes round comes round. Don’t forget everyone needs a hand now and then. It’s how we got a start, when an investor believed in us. Helping people is a return on investment.

There’s no better return on investment than education. It’s a life-long passion for our CEO. We provide financial assistance for Community Schools. We believe their education model is both cost effective and compelling. They “produce happy, capable and caring adults – people the world is the better for having.”

We purchase Oxfam Unwrapped Gift Cards on behalf of our customers at Christmas. It helps fund Oxfam’s life changing work around the world. We think it’s better than buying gifts.

We’ve formalized a Charity donation plan. Our commitment is to donate funds to a range of charities that address the root core of issues. Nominated by staff, this helps those less fortunate than us and allows us to make a contribution.

Causes we support: